Who Is Orphan Aid, Liberia?

Thankfully we receive these questions often because...

a) The LOVE. logo is spreading visual LOVE. to thousands b) It opens up the door to tell someone else about our beautiful children in Liberia, West Africa So, if you have stumbled upon this blog and you really don't know us, please don't run away. You have nothing to fear. We're just a big family that exist to rebuild the lives of orphans in Liberia physically, mentally, and spiritually and the LOVE SHIRTS you see around town are a HUGE way of how we do it! The story behind the shirt is actually pretty simple. An artist friend of ours (Jennifer Turem) came up with the design a few years ago, and we decided to throw it on a shirt. Everyone loved the simplicity and meaning of the logo and it didn't hurt that it is one of the most comfortable shirts in the world. So, we started printing more and after a few years, we're happy to say we're approaching 9,000 shirts sold.

This is Jennifer with some of our orphans.

This is Chrissy, Co-Founder, and the one responsible for packing/selling 9,000 shirts!

If you didn't already know, the proceeds of 1 shirt provide 36 meals for orphaned children in Liberia, so if we multiply that by 9,000 you get (me reaching for my iPhone calculator)...

324,000 MEALS.... Yes, 324,000!!

That's crazy, and it's mostly because of the generosity of our beautiful #OALfamily all around good old Bartow County. So, now you're wondering where do I get some of this LOVE.? Well, we have a couple of different options for you.

Option 1:

We have an online store (www.shopOAL.com) that has most of our colors and styles on it. If you're local and don't want to pay shipping, you can use code "LOCAL" at checkout and stop by our office to pick up. Our address is 335 S Erwin St.   or...

Option 2:

Our awesome friends at Love June have been selling them out of their store for some time now. Feel free to visit their location in downtown Cartersville, and try one on! Ok, that's how's it's done! Now... If you want some EXCLUSIVE LOVE DESIGNS, then you're going to want to become a member of our #MillionMealsClub aka The Best Club In The World. By being a member of this club, you provide 50 meals per month to hungry orphans, and we ship you an EXCLUSIVE LOVE. SHIRT in the mail monthly. To learn more about this club, just CLICK HERE. Thanks for stopping by guys! Bartow County is literally saving and changing lives over in Liberia, West Africa and we're so grateful for each and every one of you.   Big Love, Orphan Aid, Liberia  

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Orphan Aid Liberia was created to rebuild the lives of the orphaned children of Liberia physically, mentally, and spiritually. At Orphan Aid Liberia, we believe that every one of those children are precious to God, and that it is our responsibility to show them that they are loved, that they are special, and that they are certainly not forgotten.