This shirt is heather grey with Next Level material. LOVE is written in black letters on the front and an outline of the country of Africa is replacing the O.
Adult Tee Heather Gray w/ Black
Adult Tee Heather Gray w/ Black
The back of this shirt says LIVE2540 and underneath in cursive says Love Him, Love Them
A young Liberian girl is smiling and holding a bowl of rice. The top right corner of the photo says 1 Shirt equals 36 Meals

Adult Tee Heather Gray w/ Black


The proceeds of these products go to support people in need across the globe through our organization, LIVE2540 (previously known as Orphan Aid Liberia). Our LOVE. Shirt has provided over 3 million meals and counting. We've combined retail with mission and God continues to grow us.

 Brand Next Level
Material 60% Polyester/ 40% Cotton
Color Heather Gray w/ Black
Instagram Hashtag #OneForThirtySix